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Important Issues

Important Issues

Increasing our minimum wage and creating quality jobs. In order for our region to prosper, we need to provide quality jobs across the spectrum, regardless of education-level. I believe in a need to increase the state’s minimum wage rate to a living wage that makes it more accommodating for families with either one or two incomes.

Fighting for our fair share. As the Capital Region, we are home to state government – for better and for worse. I will fight to ensure that our communities receive their fair share of state aid.

Improving education. Let’s ensure that quality education will continue to be justly funded by the state, improving our children’s learning experiences and giving schools the resources to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in the classroom.

Protecting our environment. We cannot continue to take our environment for granted. I will work to protect our precious ecosystems – especially here in the Capital Region, being home to the Karner Blue butterfly – and to keep our water clean to drink. We need to be proactive on developing new technologies for sustainable energy and provide tax credits to consumers to purchase energy-efficient appliances.

Keeping our streets safe. We need to provide law enforcement the tools and resources necessary to keep our communities safe and secure. Additionally, in the wake of recent gun violence that has made national headlines, we need legislation that will make it harder for would-be criminals to get a hold of firearms.

Defending women’s rights. As the national debate about a woman’s right to choose and workplace injustices continue to take place, I will vehemently defend pro-choice legislation and will continue to fight to keep our workplaces and communities equal for all, regardless of gender or orientation.

Easing the tax burden. In order for our economy to grow, we need to be smarter about how we tax our state’s residents and businesses. Through mandate relief and the property tax cap enacted by the legislature, our state can once again be the Empire State for economic opportunity.